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    About us


    Premium Mart is established in 2015 as a Company with the purpose of importing, selling, packaging and distributing of food stuff & consumer goods. Premium Mart is specialized in food and beverage distribution in Tanzania.

    Premium Mart is dedicated in using its resources to gain market share aggressively in the years to come.  We strive to promote our quality brands with our knowledge of this market place.  Premium Mart is ready to take advantage of new challenges to come, while expanding and strengthening to new horizons of our business.

    Our staff is composed of knowledgeable professionals with ample experience in the sales, marketing and distribution business.  We provide constant training and support to our sales force providing them with the backup required to penetrate this market place while increasing our client base daily and keeping the old clients always satisfied of our quality service.

    Premium Mart's marketing philosophy and strategy is totally focused on innovation and service.  Market penetration at all levels has and will continue to be at the core of its activities. Our marketing campaign is continuously monitored to ensure that each brand is uniquely positioned and targeting its intended audience.

    Premium Mart plans to expand its business to its own supermarket in coming few years & mobile store.

    Premium Mart drivers are provided with daily routes and we provide follow up by a supervisor at the end of day sales. Supervisors evaluate the sales and see the latest trends to better improve our daily sales while constantly updating our data analysis.